What is a doula?

The word Doula comes from ancient Greek and means "servant-woman". As your Doula that is exactly why I'm here, to serve you.

Put simply a Doula mothers the mother. She is a non-medical birth attendant who supports the birthing woman emotionally, physically and spiritually. But she is so much more that this too.

The realities of the Doula practice include a whole range of things that you might not have considered such as helping you get settled and comfortable in your birthing space, holding that heat pack in just the right place, wiping your forehead with a cool cloth and reminding you to breathe, doing that squeezing massage thing on your hips that feels just right for as long as you need it, feeding you tid bits of food, sips of water and words of encouragement when they're needed most, giving your partner the support they need to feel confident and included in the birthing processes, getting into and out of awkward positions to support you physically, taking some rushed and poorly composed photos of your birth so your partner is free to share in some truly special moments with you and giving you the space to enjoy your new reality as a family.

Doulas DO:

  • honour the process of birth and witness the couple to own their process.
  • provide pre-natal, birth and post-natal support for the mother and partner.
  • teach parents about body knowledge including breathing, visualisation, physiology, birth positioning and massage techniques.
  • provide factual information and referrals to additional services.
  • assist parents to discover and explore their feelings, emotions, desires and dreams around birth and to use these to inform their approach to their own transition into parenthood.
  • help to create a Woman centred birth environment.
  • offer advice and support with breastfeeding.
  • have their phones on them, charged up, all the time, day and night, ready for your call.

Doulas DON'T:

  • perform any medical procedures or provide clinical care.
  • speak for the birthing mother or her partner.
  • make choices or decisions for the mother or her partner.
  • take responsibility for the couple or their process.

β€œThe moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.”
— Osho

Why hire a doula?

Continuous birth support from a Doula has been found to be more effective than when provided by your nurse, midwife, friend, family member or even your partner!

If you hire a Doula you can expect to:

  • have a shorter labour.
  • experience less pain and utilise less pain medication in labour.
  • be more likely to have a spontaneous, vaginal birth.
  • be less likely to have a caesarian section or other instrumental birth.
  • have a more positive and satisfied view of birth.
Wow! Powerful stuff!

As your Doula it is my aim to provide you with the support, information, warmth and wisdom that you need in order to birth in the way that feels right to you. Becoming a mother is a transformative experience and it is my job to walk with you on your journey to motherhood.

Hiring a Doula gives everyone in the birth the freedom to focus on their own roles. Your midwife is free to concentrate on your health and safety. Your partner is free to love and nurture you. And you are free to birth!

It is a great honour for me to be welcomed into your birthing space and I feel privileged to witness and celebrate the beauty, joy and power of a woman becoming a mother.

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